Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Reason for the Season - Part 2

Due to the success of my first run of "Reason for the Season"
Christmas ornaments, I've decided to expand.

These names I just cut out with my vinyl cutter and placed them on glass baubles.

If you don't have a vinyl cutter you can order these from my etsy shop HERE.

But if you do have a vinyl cutter YAY! They are so much fun.
I have a silhouette.

Vinyl will adhere best to slightly glossy smooth surfaces. So if you are trying to put it on flat paint, it might not stick very well. But then again it might stick just fine. If you are having trouble getting it to stick clean the surface with some glass cleaner and maybe paint a light coat of varnish or moge-poge over it.

First you cut out your names with your cutting machine, peel out the negative and put the transfer tape on top.

The fonts I used are "Times New Roman" italic and also "Blessed Day" for the script.

Then you cut out each name individually.
It's hard to see it with the transfer tape over it but that teeny little rectangle is a word.

Rub a credit card across the top of the name in order to adhere the transfer tape to the vinyl really well.

Then peel the transfer tape and the vinyl off of the backing paper.
Be sure to get all the letters, use the corner of your credit card to pick up letters that don't want to stick.

Place the word where you want it.

Rub it down using a credit card.

Then peel off the transfer tape, you can use the corner of the credit card again to push down any letters that are stubbornly sticking to the transfer tape. Watch fo any little "i" dots and such that may not stick well at first.

Press it down, make sure they all stick.

And there you have it!



Arahbella said...

I think I just found my new ornaments for my tree. These are amazing! I would love for you to link your idea up at my SPARK party
Hope to see you there!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful idea! Add the fact that my favorite color is can guess what I am going to do with our ornaments! Thank you so much for posting these! :)


My Grand Adventure said...

I love this idea! Can you tell me what size ball you used?


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