Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog with a purpose

I started a blog for my family... it didn't go very well. I am starting this blog in order to talk about the fun I have with my family and decorating my home. Already I'm tired and confused... this blogging stuff is complicated. I am overwhelmed with choosing backgrounds and layouts and adding pictures and why won't my header center itself like I told it too? *sigh* Maybe knowledge will come with practice and experience. Wish me luck! And if your reading this I have been successful in my blog endeavoring. If no one reads this... oh well just another wasted blog on the www :)


Jessica said...

I am so glad to know about your blog! This is so fabulous. I love your ideas and I love your funny stories of cute boys. I think you're doing great in the blogosphere! YAY!!!

Rachael said...

@JessicaJessica, thank you you are so nice. I need the encouragement :-) - RM


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