Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School Time 2012

The kids started school this week.

I had to take my oldest for his 12 year physical at the doctors office last week.
While were waiting there was a woman waiting with her precious, two week old baby boy.
And I couldn't help but think back twelve years ago to when I was taking my darling
first baby in for his newborn check up.

Oh, all the things I wanted to say to this cute new mother who was looking at her baby so adoringly.

Breathe in that newborn smell often. Just drink it in, close your eyes and savor it.

Don't be in a rush for him to crawl, walk or hit any other milestone.

Enjoy each phase while it lasts.

Let him learn by playing, even though he will sometimes fall and get hurt.

Stay close by but don't hover, he needs to learn how to figure it out himself.

Kiss him every day and tell him that you love him especially when you are angry with him.

Watch him sleep.

They grow up so fast.

I didn't say any of this to her, but I wanted to.

I know it's cliche and every mother says this, but that's because we are mourning the loss
of little puckered lips making sucking motions in sleep.
Slobbery open mouthed kisses.
Squishy, slippery little bare bottoms that you just have to pinch after each bath.
And chubby little arms that can wrap around your neck and squeeze just so tight.

Before you know it that sweet tiny baby will be listening to rock music,
stealing your husbands socks and quoting Monty Python.

It happens so incredibly fast.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tobb was Here

Someone named "Tobb" drew all over our porch steps with magic marker.

It's quite a mystery.

 Maybe he is a friend of my son Todd.... Maybe.

To unsolved mysteries!


Good Pickins

We are starting to harvest our garden.

I do not have a green thumb but I can grow some mad zucchini.
There is just no stopping it, even if I check it every day, I still find zucchini the size of footballs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Laundry-room Makeover

 My washing machine broke and the hubs couldn't fix it.
It was a sad day because I really liked that washing machine.

But it was a happy day because in over 13 years I have never had a new washer and dryer.
We have always bought used.
So we decided it was time to get new.

So since the old washer and dryer were out of the way I decided it was the perfect time to paint.

And then I thought some new shelving would be nice since the
cabinets and shelving in this room were not very user friendly.

And I kept thinking, and analyzing, and THAT is nothing but trouble.

It turned into kind of a big project. But it is beautiful and wonderful, and it makes me happy to be in there doing laundry so that counts for something right?

Here is before, complete with a dusty, dirty floor.
That was my teeny sewing table there on the left. Sad, I know.

Here are the afters. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Trip to Yellowstone 2012

Our trip was great.

Everything was perfect, the weather, the scenery, the boys.

Except the pictures are not perfect because I forgot my camera, oops!

So these pictures are all taken with the ipod,  but they turned out pretty good anyway.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage Trailer Restoration #5

Well everyone seems to be hankerin to know how our maiden voyage with Ramblin Rose went.

That's what we named her, Ramblin Rose.
It's after a Nat King Cole song that came out in 1960 and since she was built in 1957 we thought that was a pretty perfect fit.

Sorry for the grainy pictures. Who forgets to bring their camera on a trip to Yellowstone?

Ahem... I do.

So these are all taken with the ipod.

But we had a great time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vintage Trailer Restoration - Part 4

It's crunch time on our trailer.
But things have gone well and we are set to be finished this week.
Hopefully by tomorrow, if no small catastrophes occur.
Keep your fingers crossed!

The finishing touches to make-her-pretty are time consuming... and expensive.

But we've still spent much less money then what we would have to buy a newer-ish one.

The website I went to for the info on how to do all of this is
(Catchy name eh? Maybe he should have gone with something longer hehe.)
But from now on I will refer to this as "The TCV Guy"

If you are considering restoring a trailer like this check out that link.
He tells you how to do everything and has done some great work.
You could learn all you need to know by browsing his website for a half hour.


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