About Me... Rachael

This is me. Rachael.

This comic is the story of my life.
I cut it out of the news-paper and scanned it.

What makes me happiest and most fulfilled (besides my family) is creating something beautiful.

I like to take something blank, boring or ugly and transform it into a thing of beauty.

I also love classic rock, chocolate, the smell of pine-sol.... 
And of course sewing, drawing, decorating, creating and all that other crap ;-)

And of course I love my family.

Here is a little bit about the people who put up with me.

I am the mother of four boys. 

These two quotes pretty much sum up my life....

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother." - Lin Yu-Tang

"Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable." - Plato

This is my husband, he is a good man, a wonderful father
and my best friend.
He does a fantastic job of taking care of his family.
And that is the best thing anyone can ever say about a man.

And he's totally hot too.... Sorry ladies, he's all mine ;-)

Son #1 - James
He likes drawing and cooking... and eating.

Son #2 - Clint
He is the only one in our family with blue eyes.
Also a great kid, and if his lego creations are anything to go by,
one day, he will be a great builder or engineer.

Son#3 - Ben
He makes sure that things never get too boring at our house.
See that twinkle in his eye? Yea, that means trouble.

Son #4 - Todd
He's incredibly tough and yet such a sweetie.
What else can you expect from the youngest of four boys?

Our long suffering dog Anikin (the kids named him).
He hasn't shown his dark side yet but I'm sure he has one.

So this is us! The good the bad and the loud. 

Yes, I'm pretty blessed.

Thanks for stopping by!


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