Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Trailer

Well we've gotten ourselves into another project.

Apparently our current projects are not enough for us.
I'll just recap them for you...
Umm actually, this is mostly a recap for myself... and my husband.

The 60+ boxes of wood flooring in that are in the garage waiting to be laid.
The 50+ sheets of drywall in the basement waiting to be hung.
The dirt patch that is our backyard waiting for sprinklers and grass.
All of my normal crafting and decorating.....

Wait a minute, that list only has four things on it!
What's my problem! We have nothing going on.
We can totally squeeze in another thing to do.
No problem!

Honey are you reading this?
He's totally rolling his eyes and thinking I'm crazy.
I know it.

1957 Honorbuilt Romer Vintage Trailer

Before you start rolling your eyes along with my husband, 
here is my inspiration.

via  via  via

If the kids get sick of squeezing all four together on a queen size
bed then they can pitch a tent outside.
It's that simple.

Here is the most visible damage on the trailer. We will need to replace two ceiling panels.

The rest of the walls will be painted.

I know, I know. All of the vintage trailer restoration enthusiasts are saying

"Gasp! Paint over vintage birch paneling?!!? Gasp!"

But I cannot afford to replace a whole lot of birch paneling.
If we only replaced a few panels they wouldn't match up with
the original and I would have to paint anyway. 


And so the reconstruction begins!

We've started first by tearing out the carpet.
You all know my opinion of carpet.

And we found 6 yummy layers of flooring stacked on top of each other.
Along with all kinds of dirt and grossness.

We seriously gained about 2 inched of head room by pulling all of that out.

I'm thinking black and white linoleum for the floor.
Wish we could re-use the original linoleum, but it is cracked and torn in a few places.
I'm going to keep with the aqua, white and silver color theme.
But I think I will make some red gingham curtains and have red accents.

"Rachael, why don't you buy a newer trailer that doesn't need all of this work?"
You ask.


#1. I don't want to get into debt for a trailer.

#2. I figure that if we spend a couple hundred on a trailer and then a couple hundred
      fixing it up, will still cost less then buying a newer one.

#3. I don't like sleeping in a tent. We have a nice tent, but I wake up
      to every gust of wind and rock under the air mattress etc.

#4. I have four sons, camping is part of the game.

#5. Packing up and unpacking for a camping trip takes up an enormous amount of time and space.
      It will be so nice that we can keep all of our camping supplies (plus a little extra) in here,
     and when we feel the urge to camp we pack up some clothes and hit the
     grocery store on our way to the mountains.

#6. Vintage trailers are just so cool.

#7. Vintage trailers are just so cool.

Yes, I know that I wrote the same reason twice, it's a really good reason.

Supplies - Lowe's and our local Camper Repair Shop
More supplies - Vintage Trailer Supply

Wish us luck!


Char @ Crap I've Made said...


Eddie said...

What she said!

MuseBootsi said...

That is so cool! We've been wanting to do that for awhile, but we barely have time for our current projects! So excited for you, can't wait to see the finished trailer!

Jenny@thelavendermagnolia said...

My hubby and I are hoping to find one of these gems for a bargain when we get the kid out of the nest (3 more years!). Then we see some nice weekend trips for us. I don't mind the painted birch. If you keep it for a while, you can always replace it all if finances allow.



tkoblondee said...

This is exactly what I want to do!! Can't wait to see how it looks. I'm so excited...and glad I found your blog!!

Karla said...

I'm with everyone else. So jealous!I'm your newest follower and I can't wait to see how this turns out. I agree 100%, vintage trailer are so cool. :)

vikki said...

Love it. We have a vintage camper that I need to get to work on soon. I will be following along as you redo.

vikki said...

Oh and did I mention I have five boys full of noise!! I am your newest follower. said...

I have trailer envy and love it! We had a trailer like that as a kid (only green and white) and I am not a camper but, I would become one if I found a trailer like that! Good luck with the restorations and how fun for your boys to help restore it!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Very Cool! I love vintage trailer's too. My husband and I bought a 1968's Airstream and have been restoring it. Good luck on yours.

Rachel said...

Ok! I am inspired, I just read through the final restoration post and now I want to get one! We almost purchased a 1989 camper van but had it bought out from under us, so, I may start looking for one that needs a little work. Beautiful!

CamperTrailers IdealRv said...

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Janessa Couch said...

Starting on our own RV restoration project this week. I am so excited! Thanks for the ideas.

Ideal RV said...

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Miz_Em said...

I saw this photo on this website here and thankfully, because I wanted to know more, I was able to find your blog by your 'watermark' on the photo! :)

Unknown said...

Just bought a vintage t. So excited to get started, you inspired me

Gigi Parisi said...

Just bought a vintage t. So excited to get started, you inspired me

CamperHire Cairns said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leatrice Gulbransen said...

Hi ! I just got my 1966 Shasta Cardinal 5 days ago. I got her free and got her towed home free. But.......much water damage !As many wasp nests as I've seen in my life ! I have the same damage to the vent. I'll read everything you did to your little cutie. I need all the suggestions I can get. Thanks for being here. Can't wait to read and follow your blog.

Unknown said... sorry forgot that.

Unknown said...

Vintage campers are all the rage it seems harder and harder to find them. I’ve been looking for a bargain for a while now and prices have been driven up. Good job finding one! I totally agree- vintage campers are cool!!! Hope you post the after pics!! I’m still on the hunt but will probably end up buying one that is renovated and just ensure the mark up cost! (I’m not that handy lol)


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