Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wood vs. Carpet

Things of the crafty nature have been slow in coming this week...
Ok thats overstating things, crafts are not happening.

We have too many BIG things and loose ends we are trying to tie up right now.

What did we do today?

Why we picked up 28 boxes of wood flooring for the basement.

One of the perks of having sons is they can carry heavy things.
These two unloaded the truck for me and I didn't even have to ask them to do it, they volunteered.
I have such great kids!

Albeit, son #1 has a vested interested in the basement getting finished,
his room will be down there, but still it was really nice for him to take initiative. 

More perks of having sons:

Never having to take out the trash.

When they complain about it I just say "I didn't have four sons so that I could take out the trash."

Or mow the lawn, sweep the garage, take the trash down to the street etc.

Not that I believe that those are "boy" chores.

I have done all of those chores too, and girls are just as capable.

But as a mother I am obligated to teach them to work, am I not?

I know how to do those things, they might as well learn how instead.

Back to the floor.

It's so pretty! * sigh*

One of these days I'll list for you the 101 reasons I hate carpet and why
I would never intentionally install it in my house.

Ok ok, Since you twisted my arm, I'll give you the top 10.

Top 10 reasons Rachael hates carpet: 

10. Stains

9. Popcorn kernels get caught in the edges and are really hard to vacuum up.

8. Speaking of edges, you have to get out your hose vacuum attachment to vacuum the edges. Unless you have one of those fancy vacuums that have the little egde brush. I don't have one of those.

7. Stains. Oh, I said that already.... Ok then, spots.

6. Carpet wear  in high traffic areas.

5. Have you ever torn out carpet in a room? It's disgusting. All of the dirt, dust and stains you find under it will make you sick. You are unknowingly living with that if you have carpet. For the time being I have to live with it, and not a day goes by where I don't imagine all the grossness hidden underneath my carpet.

4. Not versatile. Carpet you have to only have carpet. Rugs don't really work on top of carpet so you can't change looks very easily.

3. Scrubbing stains out of carpet. I've had to scrub brownie batter out of my carpet before... it's still there.

2. Deep down stains that are in the carpet mat seeping through even after you have paid a couple hundred bucks to get your carpets cleaned.

1. Stains.

As you can see most of my 10, and my 101 reasons are related to how stainable carpet is.
With 4 sons, carpet stains are my worst enemy. They plague my existence.

Real life experience from Rachael - Senario #1:

 - Your kid vomits grape juice colored vomit on your carpet. You scrub it for the next hour and still don't get the stain up.

- Your kid vomits grape juice colored vomit on your wood floor. You grab a roll of paper towels and it's clean in 3 minutes.

Real life experience from Rachael - Senario #2 :

- Your poor old dog who only has days to live vomits, pees and deposits an enormous pile of feces on the rug under the table in your kitchen. You roll up the rug and throw it away. Then you wipe the wood floor under under the table with a solution of bleach. You are confident that no remaining particles of grossness remain.

- Your puppy that you have just rescued from the pound is a little afraid and confused and poops on the carpet in the corner of your living room. You scrub it well but for the rest of the time you live there you look at that corner with disgust and eventually tear out the carpet and replace it with wood only to sell the house 2 weeks later (you have had this house up for sale for a year). Apparently potential buyers could sense that the carpet in your house had been contaminated.

So anyway, that is my opinion of carpet.

Hope you're not too grossed out.

I am.

I may begin the process of ripping up my living room carpet this evening.... oh wait.
That lovely wood floor is not for the living room but for the basement. DRAT! 

I'll just google wood floors instead.

And fill my head with very expensive ideas, which I will pepper my husband with
upon his arrival home in a few hours. And he will patiently use logic and reason on me and
help me understand that while brazilian walnut and malaccan cherry inlayed flooring is beautiful,
it's way out of our budget, and we really should only take on one project at a time.

Heres to dreaming!

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