Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the air

*** Update: I totally feel better this morning, cinnamon buns here I come!

Love is in the air today...
isn't it?

Tonight, (the eve before Valentines Day) I am not feeling it.

I really am a lovie-dovey person who thinks that Valentines day is great.

But at 9:30 the night before I am really tired.
And lonely, because the hubs is working and I would really like to talk to an adult.
My kids have been bouncing off the walls this evening.
They still are, I can hear them giggling upstairs and there was just a loud bang.
But, if I go upstairs, there will be shouting... So it's best that I stay down here.

Welcome to my first mopey post!

I have grand plans for tomorrow.
Hopefully I will sleep good tonight and maybe my motivation will be renewed in the morning.

I am making my boys favorite food for dinner
Hoot-n-Annies - I'll have to post the recipe later.

The Mr. also feels love through food so I am making him a yummy lunch.
(He will be at work tomorrow evening so we will eat lunch together.)

What do I want for Valentines Day?

I am going to make cinnamon rolls. Heart shaped ones.
Because C and I have been abstaining from sugar and I have been CRAVING cinnamon rolls.
So I will have them... and probably, I will need some chocolate.
Like a whole symphony bar to eat all by myself.
Now I'm salivating. Great.

I would really love it if the kitchen was mopped.
And a sappy love note would be nice since I am feeling so melancholy right now.

But let me put my melancholy-ness on hold for a few minutes and talk about the people I love.

My husband. He really is awesome.

My boys. They give me so much joy.

My parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, sisters, brothers and friends.

And, I'd better not forget our dog.
He seems to know that I need company because he is sitting on my feet keeping them warm.

Lots of love to all of you!
I really do love you, even on evenings when I am moping.

See, I feel better already!

I think I can even head upstairs and see about the giggling and banging with out losing my temper.

Happy Valentines Day!

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sue wise said...

My dearest Rachel,
I am new to your blog site, I have to say I have been Entranced! I also have had only boys. They are grown now and I now have 1 grandaughter AND OF COURSE 1 GRANDSON. You are the kind of daughter I would have loveded to have. As you have said in one of your blogs they are to quick to go out into the world. I'm so glad you are what you are and have your priorities straight. Nobody said it was easy, huh.
Fingerprints come and go and you will finally have that perfect house and that perfect yard until there are grandchildren come along,of course then there will be great grandchildren. That's what I'm hoping for Now! You miss all the times your having now. Make each child his own book that he can take with him and show his children who there daddy was when he was their age. With plenty of pictures who the rest of his family looked like and what they did.
Oh how I miss those times!


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