Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Boxes

Over the years we have made quite a few Valentines boxes.

The boys re-use these year after year.

We have a rubik's cube box, A pizza box, and an aquarium made out of an ice cream bucket.

Here they are... with a kid, he loves his box and really wanted to be in the picture.
His box is the pizza one and I will admit it's my favorite too.

Last night we made the tic-tac-toe box for T who didn't have one.

A box or ice cream bucket, what ever you have.
Spray paint
Construction paper

Spray paint your box. In this cold weather do 3-4 light coats of spray paint.
When you bring it in the house let it sit for a half hour
before you begin, so the paint dries completely.
** If you paint a plastic bucket it will help if you spray a clear coat on over the top to seal it.
Otherwise the paint will chip off.

Cut a hole in the top. The hole I cut is a little wonky... oh well.

Then cut out your construction paper in the shapes you need.

I poured some mod-poge on a paper plate and diluted it with a little water.

Brush on some mod-poge.
Stickput your paper in place and brush over the top, smoothing out any wrinkles.

I really like the finish the mod-poge gives to this, and it makes it all pretty durable,
so you can re-use it each year.

Hope this helps any of you with valentines box dilemmas!


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