Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Trailer Restoration - Part 3

We have been up to our eyeballs in trailer restoration.

I have been spending all of my free time working on it.

As well as time that isn't free.

Seriously my house is a disaster.

If you come over I will only let you in the garage,  and I will be a sweaty mess wearing the same gross painting clothes that I have worn for three days.

I actually don't think we have any clean laundry, so I couldn't get dressed if I wanted to.

 One thing that has made this project particularly miserable is the heat.
I'm glad we were able to fit the trailer in the garage because
it's a few degrees cooler in there, but it is still really, really HOT.

I try and get the boys to help whenever possible.

I highly believe in boys doing hard manual labor.

I do it, my hubs does it, the kids gotta learn sometime!

For the floor we used - Peel and Stick linoleum tile.
(I spelled linoleum wrong on the picture... too bad I'm not going back to fix it.)

I love this stuff! An inexpensive, affordable and durable floor.

And it's easy to lay down.
When making cuts you don't need to cut all the way through,
just score it and bend, it will break along the score line.
Walk on it or lay heavy things on it to get it to really stick down.

We don't want to put the door back on because that's just one more thing we have to worry about leaking.
So the hubs has a plan. I glad he has it covered because... I am at a loss.

This work is really exhausting.
My 6 year old beat me at tic-tac-toe five times last night.
That's how much brain power I don't have left.
Maybe I will go throw a load of laundry in real quick before I head back out this morning.

I know that this camper will be so much fun when it's done.
Looking forward to the good times!

Supplies - Lowe's and our local Camper Repair Shop
More supplies - Vintage Trailer Supply



MuseBootsi said...

It looks unbelievably gorgeous! The beadboard wallpaper is genius! And the faux wood vinyl floor...tears of joy!

I just stayed at a beach house that had white carpeting(?!) and all I could think was, " if this were my house, it would have vinyl floors that look like wood."

Looking forward to learning about the outside revamps...that's where I'm clueless!

Jillian McKenzie said...

I looks so amazing!

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

It is coming along well and looks so cute inside! Love the fresh, clean look! :)

kbaum said...

Where did you purchase the bead board wallpaper and what's the name of the color you used?

Rachael said...

We got the wallpaper at Lowes and the paint color is called "Swim" by Valspar - although we diluted it to paint the inside of the trailer, we used it full strength for the exterior.

Natalie Beaver said...

Hi Rachael! I have bookmarked all of your trailer restoration pics, I just love how it turned out! We purchased a 1983 Holiday Rambler that's dark veneered wood inside -looks like a cave, and I bought the paintable beaded wallpaper at lowes. I had a question, maybe a dumb one, how did you do the corners? My trailers' corners, both "in" corners and "out" corners have a strip of this wood-look plastic edging. Did you have that? If so, did you remove it, and did you put some kind of edging over the wallpaper? Thanks for any advice!

Janet Cornwall said...

You have inspired me to fix up my old aristocrat trailer, and your pictures have convinced the hubby that it's a good idea! Your amazing and the trailer is beautiful. The door that goes nowhere is actually a door to valuable cargo space. This is where we store sorta of dirty camping stuff like a shovel, axe, hand saw, duch ovens, big rug that goes outside the camper door and anything else long and kind of messy. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Janet Cornwall said...

Racheal, I was wondering how well the bead board wall paper held up? Have you had any fall off or loosen up? I tried some contact paper in my trailer once and the condensation / temperature changes ruined it. I'm ready to start a trailer remodel and would love your feedback. Thanks!


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