Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage Trailer Restoration #5

Well everyone seems to be hankerin to know how our maiden voyage with Ramblin Rose went.

That's what we named her, Ramblin Rose.
It's after a Nat King Cole song that came out in 1960 and since she was built in 1957 we thought that was a pretty perfect fit.

Sorry for the grainy pictures. Who forgets to bring their camera on a trip to Yellowstone?

Ahem... I do.

So these are all taken with the ipod.

But we had a great time.

Yellowstone was beautiful, more on that later.

Here are some before and afters.

Our (Ford) Excursion pulled her like a dream.
We didn't even really know she was there unless we looked in the rear-view mirror.
She was just so happy to follow us along.

Everyone wondered how we would all sleep in here.
My oldest son and my 12 year old nephew (who joined us on our trip) slept in the car.

My two middle children slept where the table folds into a bed.
And the hubs, my little guy and I slept on the full-size pullout couch-bed.

You can kind of see it here.
A foot and a head there on the left and my two guys along with my empty pillow are on the right.
My pillow was empty because I woke up early to use the potty.

We plan on getting a little two-man tent in the storage compartment to
sleep a couple of boys in as they get bigger.

How did we sleep? GREAT!
It wasn't the best sleep I've ever had. But it was the best sleep I've ever had while camping.
I slept from 10:30 pm til 6:00 am. Only waking once or twice to roll over.

Me + sleep = a happy mom who can enjoy camping.
I can live without a shower or toilets that flush (for a few days hehe).

But I cannot be expected to enjoy nature and the antics of my darlings
without showers and flushing toilets if I am short on sleep.

Then I am just cranky... and smelly.
With sleep I am only smelly, but since they are also smelly, it's all good.

Here are a couple more cute photos of Rosie.
I will head out to take real pictures with my nice camera soon, but until then I have a mountain of laundry to do, and our vacation pictures to edit. So these will have to tide you over.

I will also go into more detail about the finishing touches and other stuff then too.

Supplies - Lowe's and our local Camper Repair Shop
More supplies - Vintage Trailer Supply

She's a beauty!



MuseBootsi said...

I love it! You did such an amazing job!

So glad you mentioned's the one thing that drives me crazy about boys are snoring and I can hear people in the next campsites chatting away. I think I'll mention this to my husband when I read him your latest blog post...
More sleep=more camping=happier boys!

Rachael said...

Yes, sleep was the biggie for me. We all slept well, we were warm enough and comfy enough. And our little Rosie is just so cute and cozy how could we not be comfortable? The boys can't wait till we go again.

Jillian McKenzie said...

Love it! You have the greatest knack for making something that's so small and dingy into the cutest, most comfortable thing around. Glad your trip went well.

Pam Koeller said...

Absolutely adorable! I am so happy that you and your family had a great time. You did a fantastic job on your little trailer. I stumbled across your Blog when looking for inspiration for a 1962 Aloha trailer I bought a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you, you have inspired me enormously. Love it, love it, love it. Look forward to hearing and seeing the details on the finishing touches. You're a really neat woman. Thanks.

Kel said...

Cute and cozy Rosie! Thank you for the update, love what you have done. The pillows are so cute and I too am inspired to finish up my 1973 Rancho El Rae trailer named Pebbles.

crazynaska said...

Great job!!!! I'm hoping you keep posting the little up grades you do to it in the future! Keep posting!


lee woo said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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