Monday, July 16, 2012

The Rainstorm

It rained here this afternoon.

This may not be a big deal for some people, but it is for us.

This has been a really dry year in Utah and the dryness has caused fires and other problems.
Bad fires. Fires that have destroyed homes and thousands of acres.
Fires that have made me cry and pray for rain.

Today's rain-shower was spectacular!

There were clear blue skies in the distance and the rain was just a'pourin down.

We spent six years living in Georgia and it can really rain hard there.
The rain-shower we had here today could have given any GA rain-shower a run for it's money.
Of course in GA it would rain like that for 3 days, here it only rained for an hour.

But oh, what an hour!

I realized that I had left my car window cracked open a bit so I had to run out and shut the window.

Then I sat on my front porch and counted my blessings.

They are innumerable.

My husband and oldest son are gone at scout camp.
I'm not sure if they will enjoy this over there like we did here hehe.
Good thing I insisted that they pack a poncho!

Of course last time I "insisted" that my son pack something he felt was unnecessary
he left them here hidden in his room.
(Wool socks for the winter campout. "But maaawwwm, they are so itchy!" )
He later regretted it, his feet were freezing.

Let's hope his poncho didn't likewise end up under his bead.

The kids couldn't be kept inside, it was a celebration for them too.

(my nephew and son #2)

Mine weren't the only ones, neighbor kids were out in force too!
They all ran to the park which has (I've been told) turned onto a lake.

(my niece... and a neighbor girl in the distance.)

Worm hunting was pretty good also.

(No, he is not eating a worm! I'm not sure what he is doing with his thumb.)

This kid is so stinkin cute!
Don't you just want to kiss his face off?
*sigh* He's getting too big, he won't let me do that anymore.

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RRWhicker said...

My kids were out playing in it too! I love a good rainstorm.


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