Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY - Bunting out of Vintage Linnens

I took a break form the serious and had some fun.

I made a bunting out of vintage, hand embroidered linnens.

Handkerchiefs, pillowcases, table runners etc.
most of which I picked up at thrift shops.

I really don't think the various grandmas whose linnens I used would mind if I take their yellowed and stained embroidery pieces and make them live anew in something fresh and fun.

This is something that has all the more character because of the uniqueness of all the pieces.

One thing I forgot to note - 

I cut through BOTH LAYERS of the pillowcases (handkerchiefs and table runners I folded in half so I had two layers) and sewed it all together with the ric-rac.

So you will sew two layers of fabric and whatever embellishments (or not) you choose.

I sewed them together, leaving the edges raw.
It would probably be a good idea to put some "fray stop" glue around the edges to prevent fraying.
But I was fresh out, so I didn't worry about it.

To string them all together sew them into some double fold bias tape.

How many pillowcases hankies etc do you need?
I used 5 pillowcases, 4 hankies and a pretty long table runner and I had enough to do two buntings.
One that is about 7 feet long and the one you see here is almost 9 feet long.

I used almost two packages of bias tape and four packages of mini ric-rac.
There were 4 yards of ric-rac in each package.

So go and ask grandma if you can snag a few pillowcases from her,
or start scouring the linnens at thrift stores!

This was a really fun project, and I think it's so pretty.

Let me know if you give this project a try.
There is so much possibility, I would love to see yours.

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