Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Pickins

We are starting to harvest our garden.

I do not have a green thumb but I can grow some mad zucchini.
There is just no stopping it, even if I check it every day, I still find zucchini the size of footballs.

I have lemon cucumbers, tomatoes in many varieties, peppers in many varieties, and zucchini so far.

With a lot more yet to come.
Pumpkins, squash, beets and potatoes.

These are my two best pickers.

They get as excited as I do.

One son observed "Wow mom, a lot of the stuff we planted has lived! Not like last summer."

Gardening is a learned talent for me.
And I have learned a lot.
But it certainly does not come naturally.
I have failures every year. But I have successes too!
And that makes it worth it.

Though there are times when I want to give up.
And I throw up my hands in frustration and say "Thats IT! I'm not doing this anymore."

But I must be descended from farmers because every spring
I have an insatiable desire to get my hands dirty and plant stuff.

I try and deny it, but in the springtime when I'm walking past those seed packets at the grocery store and those little baby plants the home improvement store I am overcome and I buy them.

And I say to myself "It's not so bad. I'll try again."
And I do, and this year is the first year that it has really been worth it.

Yay for small victories!

We also found a surprise out in the chicken coop this morning.

Our Girls are all grown up!

Yay for fresh eggs too!


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