Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I think I left my brain at the Airport...

It took 17 hours for us to get home from Florida. We fly for free because my husband works for an airline which can be really nice, but sometimes you find yourself at various airports with no end in sight which is what happened to us this time.

We woke up at 5:00 am. Which was an hour later then we should have woken up because my ipod was still on mtn. time for some reason. But in a frantic mad dash we arrived at the airport on time (I was really glad I had all of us sleep in the clothes we were going to wear the next day.) But alas! The flight was oversold! And we didn't get on. So we decided to go eat. Here are two of my kids asleep at the airport restaurant. 

We decided to fly through Detroit because that route looked the most promising. But the flight didn't leave for 5 hours. So what do you do for 5 hours waiting at the airport? You play with your ipod.

You buy a really expensive deck of cards at the airport gift shop and play war, go fish and solitaire till you can't think anymore.

You try and sleep a little on the very hard benches.

And you try not to loose your husband or any of your children... we had a few close calls but they were all present and accounted for when we got on the plane. And that was just our trip from Fort Meyers to Detroit. In the Detroit airport we had a 3 1/2 hour layover. I did not take any pics of that because I think I ate some bad airport food and I was feeling kind of sick. I am married to a wonderful amazingly up-beat man who took the kids on a long walk through the airport. The Detroit airport has lots to see apparently... I was too busy trying not to puke so I just waited by the gate. But we were back in good ol' SLC by 8:00 p.m. So if you do the math we were traveling from 3:00 am till 8:00 pm mountain time. It  took a few days for me to recover. I had a meeting after church the next day and I think everyone there thought I was crazy. Like the title to this post states, I'm pretty sure I left my brain at the airport. But it seems to have found it's way home... for the most part. 

 - RM

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