Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage Seed Packet Art

I saw some seed packets from the 1920's and I was in love. So I ordered some.
The website has lots of good stuff I will definitely be visiting it again.
I've been going for a cottage-type of look in our master bedroom.
Warm and comfortable and homey. But with touches of fun mixed in.

I had a few old frames from a thrift store, I almost kept the bunny picture, cute eh? Haha.

I spray painted them "peek-a-boo blue" from Krylon

Then I rubbed them lightly with a piece of an old t-shirt dipped in
Minwax "Dark Walnut"
in order to give an aged look.

I laid the frames out on top of some fabric with the seed packets
in order to decide what look I liked the best.

But in the end I liked plain old muslin.
I attached it to the cardboard that was previously in the picture frame with some spray adhesive. 
Then I arranged the seed packets to my liking and stuck them down with scrapbooking tape.
Be sure to stick them down really well because when I hung it one packet fell down on top of another one and they got stuck together. It was not good because they are very old and brittle.
I was able to save them but the bottom of one got torn a little :-(

And there you have it! They look really nice hanging by my bed, the perfect mix of old and bold.
I think the blue frame is really fun.

More pics of my master bedroom redo coming up!

Love - RM

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