Friday, October 28, 2011

Feature: Theres a Monster in My Pants!

Chantelle over at Mommyx3=insanity had an awesome idea!

Which she was inspired from on pinterest.

And then I was thus inspired as well.

Here is her little monster.

WHY didn't I think of this like 5 years ago! It would have saved me a lot of denim.

I used part of an old red t-shirt for the inside and white felt for the teeth and eyes.
I didn't do buttons because I thought they might be uncomfortable if he kneeled on them but they are sure cute!

I sewed the red on using s zig zag stitch on my sewing machine.... but it was not easy
because the leg hole was so small.

You can just hand sew them on like Chantelle did, I will probably do that next time.

When I showed Super-T his fixed-up pants he laughed. And he was laughing all morning about them.

He loves it!

And I got great reviews from the older boys too, but they don't want me to do this to any of their pants, I'll have to think up something else for them.

This really is one of the favorite things I have done.

Thanks again Chantelle!

And thank you for stopping by - 


Natasha in Oz said...

Wow, that is a brilliant idea! I will have to show this to my sister who has 2 boys who are always putting holes in their trousers!

I have posted about a few of my favourite Halloween pins on my blog so if you have 5 Minutes to spare please pop by! I would be honoured if you could also link up your post to my weekly Pinning and Singing Pinterest Linky Party since this post is Pinterest inspired!

Best wishes and happy Halloween!
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

Peggy said...

How cute! I could have used that idea back when my boys were little. I must have patched a million knees by hand. My mom taught me how to do it by hand. This looks so cute!

Chantelle @ Mommyx3=Insanity said...

Thanks for the feature!! I love your version!! I almost didn't do the buttons for the same reason, but since his pants were fully lined I went with it. He loves them too! then on the Roll Tide pair I wasnt going to put the red buttons but he I wasnt going to argue with a two yr old about comfort. I figured he would figure it out on his own and next pair I would do felt for the eyes too. LOL. I'm glad my little burst of inspiration inspired you. I am honored and I love your blog!

Rachael said...

@Chantelle @ Mommyx3=Insanity You are so sweet. Buttons or felt for the eyes, it all depends on where the hole is I guess. So glad you came by. And thanks again for the inspiration.


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