Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ghosts, craft for kids... and you too *wink*

This is a super easy and fun craft that you and the kiddo's will love for Halloween. 

I'll keep this as short as I can so you have plenty of time to go and make some.

Each Ghost needs:
• 2 pieces of white felt
• A tall white kitchen garbage bag
• Black felt cut out in shapes for ghosty eyes and mouths
           (let the kids cut their own if they are big enough

Put the two pieces of white felt together and pin the garbage bag to the bottom.

Like this.

Draw a ghosty shape onto the felt and sew it all together. 
               You could probably glue it if you aren't a sewer, but you might want to just roughly hand
               sew it on real quick to hold it together better.

Then, cut out your ghost. I cut mine with pinking shears just for fun.

Cut the drawstring off the garbage bag and cut the garbage bag into about 1 inch strips.

Lastly, let the kids hot glue the black felt on for the face.

Hang them on the porch and stand back and take a look.

So fun and easy and your kids will love them.

Thanks for stopping by! - RM


Peggy said...

Hea, I just found your blog at Design in Chic. I'm your newest follower. If you have time stop on over and visit my blog and follow me.
See ya,

Rachael said...

@Peggy Thanks Peggy, I am so loving all new people I get to meet in blogland. I will definitely stop by.


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