Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bucks - Reward system

I have tried many different reward systems with my kids.

But, most of the time in order to get them to do their jobs
I have to ask 3 or 4 times and both of us ending up frustrated and mad.

I even offered to pay them double if they did their jobs everyday....

I decided that they needed a more immediate reward.

I saw this idea on someone else's blog... but now I can't remember where.
So sorry anonymous super woman who I took this idea from.

I also kind of got the idea off of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie.

I made a "Bucks" system.

Each time they do a job, homework, or are being extra good etc. They get a "buck"

They can "buy" items from a tote with their "bucks"

It has been two weeks and this is working really well.

These are the "bucks" I cut them out and I also made a place for them to keep their "bucks"

Just envelopes on a piece of cardstock covered with contact paper.
I used an exacto to cut open the envelope.

This is where it hangs. On our kitchen counter.

If I see any "bucks" laying around the house they are gone, back into my pile.
I didn't want any fighting over "I left my bucks here and now they are gone waaahaa!"

We did have one incident of a kid steeling "bucks" from his younger brother.
So he got all of his taken away and had to start over. But that has been our only problem so far.

This is our prize bin. They can even earn real money if they want to.

Gum, soda, bouncy balls, hot wheels, popcorn, toys. Good stuff.

And this was pretty inexpensive. $20 worth of little toys and goodies and we are all set!
Each week I'll probably spend a few dollars replenishing something.
But I don't think it will really cost very much to maintain.

I set a time limit on when some things can be done.
For instance they must pick up their rooms and make their beds before school in order
to get a "buck" for those.

But instead of my pleading for them to hurry and get ready in the morning
and my pleas falling on deaf ears, now all I say is
"You only have 5 more minutes to finish or you won't get a buck."

The immediate reward inspires them,
and saving up for what they really want is good for them to learn.

See how excited they are ;-)

Heres the ways my boys can earn their "bucks" in case you would like to try this and need ideas.
  • Make Bed (before school)
  • Clean room (before school)
  • Put away laundry
  • Daily job
  • Do an extra job on Saturday
  • Being extra nice
  • Doing an extra job
  • Helping mom or dad with something
  • Getting a 100% on a spelling test
  • Doing well on a school test or report
  • Reading to T or helping him with sight words
  • Or if mom or dad think you have been extra good



Johnson said...

I LOVE this. I am stealing it too.

Tammy said...

Very cool idea! Funny how they are so tempted to steal fake money for gain--good teaching lesson! Good mommy! Your goodies look fun too esp. the Reese cups:) I am your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime @ :)

Jennifer said...

This is awesome!! Now then can you tell me how to make a 2 year old mind?! :)
Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

Momof4Boyz said...

My sons school does something similar and I was just thinking what a great idea it would be to do this at home and then reading this has inspired me, we are for sure going to try it out!


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