Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Reason for the Season

I have to give credit for this idea to my Aunt Susie.

She and I made some of these a few years ago and they have been one of my favorite
additions to my Christmas decor.

But, bad news. Curious little fingers have peeled off some of the letters. So I made new ones :-)

Another variation of these that I did on glass baubles is HERE.

How better to remember "the Reason for the Season" by hanging different names of
Christ on your tree and in your home.

These names are cut from vinyl using my silhouette.

And I know that not everyone has a cutting machine so I do have these words available in my etsy shop.

If you are interested check it out here.

How do I choose which I like better? 

These are pretty inexpensive to make. Get a 1/2 x 1 1/3 inch by 8 foot piece of wood from your local home improvement store. This wood costs about 89¢ and you will get 16 ornaments from once piece.
Cut it down to 6 inch lengths, drill holes in the corners and sand.

Paint. I used some left over red and antique-white semi gloss paint that I had laying around.
If you use craft paint coat it with craft varnish or mod-poge so the vinyl adheres.
Vinyl won't stick very well to porous surfaces, it needs to be a little glossy.

I rubbed the edges with distress ink to give it a little patina.
You can get this at most craft/hobby stores with the scrapbook stuff. It's just an ink pad.

Poke bailing wire through the holes and wind it up all cute like.

What is bailing wire you ask???? I wondered the same thing.

We got ours from True Value, but you might want to call to see if they cary it first.
Otherwise you can check out this link.

So heres to keeping "Christ" in "Christmas"


Lea said...

Very cute!! Thanks for the idea

Anonymous said...

Sweet! What a wonderful idea, you did a great job! I'm visiting from Tatertots and Jello's party, I'm #892, and I'm your newest follower

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

I like this - the true meaning of Christmas. Beautiful!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Oh! What a beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing!


C. Bosteder said...

Is it ok to post this on Pinterest?

Rachael said...

Yes pinning strongly encouraged ;-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutly wonderful, I am so going to make a special tree with these, some mirror ornaments of Chirst I made years ago and sheep I made a few years back. It will be my favorite tree ever. Thank you

Aimee said...

LOVE these! Thanks for posting the "how to!"

Naomi Pedersen said...

Thank you-I will use them on my Easter Tree

TheAlfonsos said...

Any chance of still ordering the vinyl letters? I don't see them on your etsy shop. Cindy

rachel blaisdell said...

Would it be possible to just paint the letters on using a stencil?


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