Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Decorating: Master Bedroom

 A little while ago I showed you the ottoman that I made a slipcover for.
Now I thought that I would show you where it lives.

Here in the corner of my bedroom. Along with a comfy white chair.
Very cosy and the perfect spot to snuggle up with a good book.

Maybe I need a laptop so I can write my blog posts here too.

This is just an old closet door I found at a thrift shop.
It was just like that when I found it, all I did was clean it up and hang the wreath.

I will show you how I made the bird artwork later on this week. Super easy.

Since I'm showing you that corner I might as well show you the rest of the room.

This is our bed, and I must brag a little here.
You see that beautiful headboard?
My husband built it for me.

Yes, he should be in an Oldspice commercial.
I found the inspiration for the headboard from a Pottery Barn catalog.

He also made the bedside tables. 

I should add that our bed is really tall, it's on 6 inch risers, so we can store junk under it.
I had to custom make the bedskirt to go to the floor.
I would like to lower the bed because, if I was shorter I would need a stool to help me climb in it.
I'll have to make room in the storage room for all the junk underneath it.

I found the quilt and pillow shams on amazon.

We have a beautiful big window that looks out onto the whole valley.

The cedar chest under the window is one I've had since high school.
But back then it wasn't white, it had pansies painted on the front.
A little can of antique white paint goes a long way.

My dad found this armoir for free in the classifieds.
It was an ugly brown color so we painted it antique white to match the rest of the furniture.
I'm still working on decorations for the top.

And, I'm really regretting not moving that cardboard box of frames
to the left of the armoir for the picture. I thought I would crop it out,
but I liked the rest of the picture too much.
But daylight is gone and I want this post up tomorrow, so pretend that box isn't there.

This armoir contains our old computer.
Perfect for netflix watching while I fold laundry on our bed.

And here is the real life version of our room.

Elliptical machine in the corner (which I do use btw).
Another old computer in front of the window. My husband and boys like to link
a few computers together and play games on weekends.
Laundry basket on the chair....
But even in RL I love my bedroom.


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Abby said...

So cozy and restful looking! I would love for my room to look like this!


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