Monday, December 12, 2011

Gifts from Grandma

Last week my grandma dropped by with a surprise for me.

I was excited just looking at the box.

She brought me her vintage christmas ornaments from the 1940's and 1950's


 I almost bought some on ebay a few weeks ago but I had already spent my
allotted holiday decoration budget... and then some. So with a sigh I decided to wait.

And I'm glad that I did.

Hooray for Grandmas! Who can keep fragile glass baubles intact while raising four children.
Some of whom I know were quite a handful... Uncle Dave I'm talking to you...
But you probably don't read my blog.

And the grandchildren too! It's amazing any are left.

I considered hanging them on our tree for about 10 seconds.
Then I thought....

4 boys + vintage glass = not good

One of the boys said "But mom don't you trust us?"

To which I replied "Of course I trust you my dear. I just don't trust the things you throw down the stairs. And the wrestling matches, and the running, and summersaulting and jumping...
Need I go on?"

And he said "Good point."

So I put some of them in a big glass jar and set them on my piano.
I would like to get another jar (different shape), to put the rest of them in, but I already
mentioned the state of my holiday decorating budget... Next year. *sigh*

Thank you Grandma!
(Who I know does read my blog *wink*)


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I think I just died a little. SO jealous!

Peggy said...

Thank you grandma indeed!! Wow I am so jealous! How priceless. You are so lucky.

Sparkling said...

We used to have tons of those. And my mother would drop them on the hardwood floor every year. So now we don't have that many. I never really liked them. Too vintage for m,e I think. Althoug hearing "OOOOOOH SHIT" while she's decorating the tree has become a highlight of the season....


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