Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snowflakes keep falling on my head part 3

When I did the first "Snowflake" post I had no idea that I would have so many
snowflake themed projects to share with you.

But here we are at part 3 with snowflake curtains. 

I love the yellow curtains that are usually in my kitchen but they did not go
with all of my red christmas things.

So on a whim I made some curtains out of painters drop-cloth and
white fabric that I had laying around.

But they were a little plain... enter snowflakes.

 - I measured my old curtains then cut and sewed some painters drop cloth to the same size.
   Best part... two of the edges were already hemmed.
- I sewed a strip of white fabric onto it with frayed edges.
- Then since it looked a little plain I got some red fabric and ironed
   double sided fabric interfacing onto it.
- I cut snowflakes out with my silhouette and then ironed them on.

* I love the fabric snowflakes but it would have been just as easy to use a
   stencil and paint... probably easier actually. My cutting blade was dull so they
   were a pain to pop out.

Christmas curtains in an hour.


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