Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung...

You know how I love decorating my mantel.

Heres a few close ups.

I went with mainly red, white, silver and natural colors this year.
It turned out really nice.

But I'm sure you noticed a slight problem....

"Ummm, Rachael? Don't you have four children?"

Yes I do have four children.

When they were babies I needlepointed all of these stockings for them, it took
a lot of time and work, but my kids LOVE them.

But... T's stocking is much HARDER then the other ones were.

Look at all those colors! 
Blast computer imaging on needlepoint patterns!

*sigh* I chose this one because when T was a baby he had
a little bear that he carried around everywhere.

So the bears on this stocking are perfect, but couldn't they have just made them all the same color?


For the last 5 years he has been using the stocking my mom made for me.
But T is starting to figure out that is not his name.

When we were hanging the stockings the older boys were all talking about how
I made their stockings and how special that is to them.

And my sweet darling baby piped up and asked where the stocking I made for him was.

Yes, I almost cried.

I showed him the unfinished work and promised
that it would be done by Christmas Eve for Santa to put things in.

Until then this is how things are. 

Now I need ideas for a movie marathon to watch
so I can while away my evenings finishing this stocking.

A cute boy with dimples just came home from school and I think I will grab my
needle and embroidery floss and watch a movie with him while I work on keeping my promise.

Dirty kitchen floor, you are going to have to wait.
Big brown eyes and dimples will win over you any day.


Leslie said...

Very cute! I love the pinecone garland!

Leslie said...

BTW, love your blog cute!

Katy said...

Aw I love this!!! Your sunburst mirror looks awesome and I'm so loving mantles without a fireplace!

Sherika Lovett Alston said...

Beautiful mantel!! Your sunburst mirror is Ahhh-Amazing!! Great job! I would love for you to come link up at! Your newest fan!!

Jeanne said...

I did the same thing, but foolishly picked the same pattern for all three children...I was so tired of the project by the time I started the 3rd one. Lo and behold when the youngest of the three was 12 we had another child.....The pattern was not to be found. So the last stocking was a cross stitch one. Much easier on older eyes, but always stood out uncomfortably (for me) as it hung with the others on the mantel.


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