Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A peek inside the... House of Noise.

I once told someone that either I have learned a lot
and have developed a better sense of humor,


I am slowly going crazy.

Things that would have made me upset a few years ago, now make me laugh.

I think I've developed a little bit of both.

I thought that today I would treat you to a few funnies that happened this year.
So enjoy a peek at my boys.

I know you'll have fun.

An evening with Mr. B (8)
Me - "Go to your room and come back when you can calm down."
B - "Hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm... ok I'm calmed down."
Me - "But you didn't go to your room.
B - "I know, thats the good part."

Conversation with T (5)
T - "Mom, are zombies real?"
Me - "No."
T - "But what if them come into our house and what if they see our wii... What will they do?"
Me - "Eat it."
T - "Oh. I'm glad them are not real."

Question from J (11)
J - "So mom, back in the nineteen hundreds, did you guys have...?"

I didn't hear the rest of the question, I got hung up on the "back in the nineteen hundreds" part.

Deep thoughts from Mr.B (8)
B - "I'm just a simple guy with simple feelings."

Current household joke:
"Knock Knock" - "Whose there?" - "Fart." - "Fart who?" - "Not me, I didn't do it."

How hard is it to take a shower really? With C (10)
Me - "Will you get in the shower NOW!!!"
C - "Uh oh, she's getting mad... TAKE COVER!!!"

I was lecturing Mr.B (8) about good behavior for an event we were going to.
B - "Don't worry mom, I will turn my quiet button all the way to the highest level."

Wait a second... this kid has a button?!?!?

Can't leave out my Hubby
Mr. H.O.N - "Next Friday I'm helping the PTA with something at the school."
Me - "Are you helping with the 'Mom's and Muffins' breakfast?"
Mr. H.O.N - "Yep.... I'm going to be one of the muffins."

And my favorite, with T (5)
T - "I love you the most."
Me - "Nope. I love you the most"
T - "I love you more then a fousand universes, and there is nothing more then that."
Me - "Wow, a thousand universes is pretty big, but there is something that is even bigger."
T - "What is it?"
Me - "How much I love you."
T - "Moooooom."

Who would guess they are such little rascals?

I sure love em.



Jillian McKenzie said...

Totally cute. Can't wait to see you all soon.

senovia said...

HA HA!! The 1900s and muffin ones cracked me up. THen I had to explain the 1900s one to my 8 year old who wondered why I was laughing. :( lol


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