Thursday, January 12, 2012

What? It's already Thursday!?!?!

*** This post was actually written Wednesday night ***

Today has been a little crazy.

This evening I was helping out at a church function so I got home late.

I decided to listen to Justin Bieber while I did the dishes.
 I just barely saw "Never Say Never".
I was once a twelve-year-old-boy-crazy-girl so this movie made perfect sense to me.
Although, the pre-teen heart throbs back in my day were New Kids on the Block.

Now you know how old I am.

Anyway, listening to Justin Bieber resulted in my kids stacking every pillow
in the house on top of themselves to block out the sound.

Then it was bedtime.
This was utter chaos because trying to block out the vocal stylings
of the earlier mentioned teen idol made my children rather hyper.

Son #2 decided to do water experiments in the bathroom instead of brushing his teeth.
And, son #1 ate son #3's gummy worms which were being saved
to give to daddy for his coming birthday.
Son #4 couldn't find his pillow pet.

Chaos ensued.
That will teach me to listen to Justin Bieber
with my four boys around.

Since I can barely form a coherent thought,
I will not post the little project that I was planning on posting.
Project tutorials would require my brain,
and my brain is MIA.


I am glad to report that there has been exciting sounds coming from the basement lately.

Sounds of various saws and drills,
and a few other strange noises that I know you would prefer me to not describe.

I think I will leave you with a blast from the past.

The late 80's was truly a magical time.


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