Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kids Craft: Melting Beads Bowl

This was a fun quick craft I did with the kids.

It also gets rid of some of those beads in I have in that huge jar I bought from ikea.

Super easy, colorful and fun.

My kids have theirs filled with pennies, lego's, marbles and little rocks.

*** Update*** I've had some people ask questions about fumes form the plastic melting. 
These are only cooking for 10 minutes or less so there is not a lot of time for any burning,
But please be sure to use melting beads because they are made to melt.

I opened a window and turned on the ceiling fan just in case.
I did start to smell something at about 8 minutes in, and I thought to myself,
"I can smell it, I bet they're done."
And they were.

I could have even pulled them out a little before if I was paying attention.
So if your worried about fumes just keep an eye on it and after 5 minutes check it every
minute and it should be pretty fumeless.

Like I said I barely started to smell it at 8 minutes, and it wasn't really too smelly.
Just keep an eye on it and you should be ok.


Christine said...

Oh soooo cute!!! I have to do this with my kiddies!!

I really hope you'll be sharing this over at The DIY Dreamer:

Vally said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the idea! I will definitely make one for myself and one for a close friend of mine who loves colors! :-)

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

This looks so cool! I love how it is both stunning and useful! I'm going to pin it and feature it on my blog tonight! Let me know if either is a problem!

Mimi said...

Great idea. Do the beads give off any toxic fumes?

Rachael said...

They are only cooking for about 10 minutes (or less), the fumes were pretty minimal, I smelled a little bit, but we had a window open too.

Amy said...

Boy does that look FUN!! I have a ton of melty beads plus a little crafter who would go nutty for a project like that! Thanks for the idea! Featuring you at One Artsy Mama tomorrow!



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