Monday, February 27, 2012

The Little Bookcase that Could

This is the story of a bookcase.

I found it at a thrift store for $15. It was solid wood, I'm pretty sure it was hand made.
But it was looking pretty sorry.

It had such potential that I knew I could do something with it.

I decided to use an idea I saw a few weeks ago, since I had an old pallet to spare.

This is theirs at Over the Big Moon

This is mine.

First, I pulled off the yucky warped board that was on the back.

Then, I decided to dress it up a little and I had the hubs add some decorative trim,
as well as a bigger board across the top.
We did this mostly with some left over wood we had here.

I knew that I wanted to go for the scuffed up paint look so
I spray-painted all of the new wood brown.

Then I got out my ASCP (annie sloan chalk paint) in Old White and began painting.
I like this paint, it's kind of expensive,
but it covers really great, it scuffs up fantastically, and it has a certain "look" to it.
It's hard to describe, but once you paint something with this paint it kind of has a soft glow.

Here's some close ups of the paint.

My hubs and I broke down an old pallet we had in the garage.
This is a great workout people.
All you need is a crowbar and a hammer.
Pull off the boards with the crowbar and then pull out the nails with the claw of the hammer.

I cut the pallet boards down to size and because the shelves were
recessed a little bit I decided to fit the pallet boards on the inside of the
bookcase so you wouldn't be able to see them when looking at it from the side.

I really think that it's unique.

It needs a few more decorations, but all in all it's great.



MuseBootsi said...

Wow! What a change! The shelf looks great! I tried to take apart a palette once and,...let's just say major props to you! My husband and I gave up right away...

Cheryl said...

Incredible~ great eye you have!

Donna said...

Beautiful job! Very impressive transformation!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Well done! Good work, you two. Now this bookshelf looks like a keeper. Love the pallet board background.

Cindy said...

So cute! Tell the "Hubs" great job too! I love the back and the added trim.
XO Cindy

Susan Brinkerhoff said...

Rachael, You are amazing!! You"re Hired!

Sara said...

Love this! It's unique and gorgeous!

Lisa @ Over the Big Moon said...

Looks great! Thanks for linking back to us! We appreciate it!

Revi said...

Love your upgrades!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great transformation of a plain old everyday bookcase, Rachael! I love how you've dressed it up. I need to hit my thrift store more frequently; I'm on the look-out for a bookcase like this for my craft/sewing room.


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