Tuesday, February 7, 2012

While Mom's Away

On Friday I went out with some girlfriends.
It was fun. We shopped, talked and ate some really yummy chocolate.

While I was having girl time the boys were having boy time.

They have really diligent guardian angles. 
I have been grateful for this many times.

My husband is a great father, he's really good at letting that "inner kid" free.
Especially when I'm not around.

On another note:

In the video you can see the gallery wall I've been working on.
It's been that way for a few months now.
But, I picked up some more picture hanging hardware today, and temperatures are pretty
good for spray-paint,  so hopefully that will be done soon.

And my girls night?
I got some really cute earrings from hoop-la

So the evening was a success.
I cam home to four... er, I mean... five happy and worn out boys.
(the Mr. is included in that count.)
and I have great earrings.

Hope your weekend was also fun.

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