Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm Swamped

I'm swamped.

I can't decide if I'm the horse or the boy in the above picture.
(On a side note that was one of my favorite movies when I was a little girl.)

I have so much going on that there is no time for blogging.
Which makes me sad because I have some great stuff to show you.

"Aren't you blogging right now Rachael?" You ask.

Not really, because I don't have to edit any photo's, or try to explain anything.
Doing all that takes a lot of time and brain cells.
Which are in short supply right now.

I guess I am kind of editing my typing.....
You should see all the type-o's I have had to fix.

I will right one - a paragraphs tight now that I will not fisx just so you can see all ot tha type-o['s i ammakeing because my fingers afre flying so fast. See! it's crazy. Oops, i just deleted something.
Blast! it was a reflex, because usually when i make a mistake IO delete it right away, but no not this time. You get my crazy rambelings un-edited right now. I'm not going to use spell check either.]
My mistakes usally aren't this bad, I'm jusrrt got a lot on my mind right now.
My fingers and my thoughts are flying sao it;s helpful totalk and ramble to all of you.
It is helping me relax. I think that I can alomost type a sentance without makeing a single mistalke.
Nope. I guess the delete button will just be my friend tonight.
Oh! There liik I did it! Almost.

I sooo want to go back and at least fix the punctuation.....

Don't do it Rachael!


(These dots represent me, thinking indecipherable things.
I spelled indecipherable right on the first try... amazing!)

For another funny I saw this on a friends FB page.

(I had such a crush on Cary Elwes.)

Haha. Yep that's about how I have felt today.
My kids too.

They wouldn't get out of bed this morning, but they made it to school on time.

They might have been a little smelly because
I don't think they did things like put on deodorant, or change underwear...
But hey, you get what you get.

So anyway enough of my ramblings and I will now tantalize you with a picture of
something we finished up this weekend.

I am quite excited to write about it and share it with all of you,
because I know that you are excited for me too.

So adieu for now,
I look forward to getting back to business as usual as soon as
more gets checked off of my to-do list.


Jillian McKenzie said...

I love the floor! It looks so good. I called you up yesterday (sorry it took so long to get back to you) but at church on Sunday a friend stopped me and said she was surfing the web looking at crafts to do with her kids when she came upon the "cutest blog" she was scrolling through it and saw a picture of a beach and thought, "That looks like a beach I know", then she saw a pic of Tess and thought, "I recognize that girl" then saw my boys and put it all together. She thinks you're totally amazing. And so do I.

Rachael said...

You just made my day! Thanks ;-)


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