Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Herbs in my Window

I love fresh herbs.

But it is still too cold to grow them outside here.
I'm terrified of frost.

So I found a cute little container and I am growing some in my kitchen window.

They seem to be really happy here.
I took this picture a week ago and I can really see how they've grown.

I have used them for cooking too.
They are apple mint, basil and rosemary.

I love to garden but a green thumb does not come naturally to me.
I usually plant double, because half of it dies.
But last year probably 3/4 of my plants made it.

Yay! Progress!

So a green thumb can be learned. I am having better success every year.

My grandma is a master gardner and she gives me great advise.
Like that I should have planted my peas a few weeks ago. Doh!

And I should be getting my spinach, carrots and beets in the ground now.
And I could plant my tomatoes now if I put walls of water around them.

Sounds like I have work to do.

My grandma also gave me this geranium to winter over.
It has been also living happily in my kitchen window for a little while now.
I love the colors of the leaves. It has started blooming red flowers too.

Did you know that if you like a geranium you can cut off a branch,
stick it in some dirt, water it and it will take root and grow?
I've tried it. It works.

So I might have to do that with this one and pass it along to my friends
since this is such a unique geranium.

So I am off to dig my seeds out of the shed and get started.
Since I am starting late my grandma told me to sprout the seeds on a wet paper towel in my
sunniest window, then plant them.

Looks like my kitchen window is going to be pretty full.


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Kevin Nash said...

I suggest you leave your little plants by that window. I think that's the best place to put them, since you’re using them for cooking and adornment at the same time. In any case, by the window is the perfect location for it, as they can gather enough sunlight so that they will continue to flourish. Anyway, I find it amazing that you grow your own food, and use them to enhance the beauty of your home at the same time. Cheers to that!

Kevin Nash @ Window Tinting a division of Design Rides


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