Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bring your Family to Work Night 2012

A few weeks ago it was
"Bring your family to work" night at my husbands workplace,
which is Delta Airlines.
My hubs is one of the guys that fixes the planes.
The official title is AMT.
Which stands for Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

And he is really good at what he does.
And it was fun to meet some of his coworkers who he tells me about everyday.

I used this as an opportunity to craft of course.
I take any chance I can ;-)
And I made t-shirts for all of us.

(I used my silhouette and cut out some heat transfer to iron on some t-shirts.)

The kids think these shirts are the coolest ever and wear them whenever they are clean.

My husband suited them all up with gloves and safety glasses and put them to work.

They helped out with an engine oil change.

After that we went inside of the plane to check things out.
Drinks, peanuts, pretzels? Yes please!
They even got to check out the cock pit and learn what some of those buttons and controls were for.

It was a fun evening.
And a really great experience for the kids, to see a little of
what their dad does and just how cool his job is.

He really has an awesome job.

Thank you Delta Airlines for being such great hosts and
giving my kids an evening they will never forget....
Thanks for all the pizza too!

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