Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crayon fun

Today's easy project is so easy I don't even have to type anything.

 It really was this easy, and a great way to use up those old crayons.
Maybe I'll find a pumpkin shaped mold and make some to pass out at Halloween.

I got the idea from my new vice... pinterest.

*UPDATE* The other morning My 11 year old asked me if he could take a handful of these to school. After school he came running in saying "Mom we need to make more of those heart crayons, they are selling like crazy!" Me - "You're selling them?" Him - "Yea everyone loves them." Me - "How much did you sell them for?" Him - "One kid gave me 75¢, one gave me a bag of chips..." and he trailed off about 5 other things that he had traded for them.

Smart boy. I never thought of selling them. Can I justify using new crayons instead of old?
And where's my cut? He ate the chips already dang-it! ;-)



Jillian McKenzie said...

Love it! What a cute idea. And I've been invited on Pinterest. I haven't accepted yet, but I love all the stuff on there. If you get yourself on page or whatever it is on there let me know. Miss you.

Peggy said...

I've always wanted to do this. Cute!

Anonymous said...

very good idea , my grandaughter is going to do some


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