Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gone Batty... Seriously

I am already amending my recently written "Blog Schedule."
I had Thursdays down as "Quote of the Week," but I have decided that since this is primarily
a crafty blog I should have 3 days of crafts and projects.

So Thursday will be "Easy Crafts" which I'm really excited about.

I love an excuse to crank out a 15 minute craft.

Here is what I did for my dining chandelier.

Tissue paper pom poms and paper bats!

Very easy, I used black and gray tissue paper.
I stacked about 8 - 9 sheets and then cut them into quarters. 

Then I folded it like this.

I got this pic from pinterest which links you to here. But it is a great illustration on how to make them.

I didn't cut the edges round, I cut them jagged and I sliced down each fold a little bit.

The bats are just cut out of black paper. 

With a few more hanging on the wall.

Thanks - RM

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