Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Try a Tray... or Three

I went shopping with my neighbor Jami one fine morning. 

She likes the same things I do so we hit a few thrift shops and found some awesome things.

We found some baskets, some picture frames, some vintage pyrex, a cool table cloth
and some other fun things.

She convinced me to buy this vintage cooky book and it it so much fun. 
Can I tell you how my kids eyes lit up when they saw a whole book of cookies.
And the recipes are great. I'll have to post my favorite sometime.
It was voted the best cookie of 1915 or something like that.

I also bought some greenish/blueish candle stick holders that I had no idea what to do with.

But then I had an idea. Sort of... This is not an original idea, I have seen these all over pinterest.

But here is my take on it.

And heres how I did it.

#1 - I bought 2 pie tins and 2 pizza pans at wal-mart. They have them this time of year for 97¢ each
       I found some round scrapbook paper at Roberts. Score! I won't have to try and cut out a circle.
       I had the Envirotex epoxy, Mod-poge, and E6000 glue here at home.
       But you can buy those at Hobby Lobby.

#2 - Coat the bottom of the plate with Mod-poge and lay down the paper.
       I used a play-dough rolling pin to smooth it down.  
       Then once that dries for a little while coat the top of the paper with mod-poge also.
       I did 2 coats here and I especially made sure I sealed the edges well because if any epoxy gets under 
       the paper it will discolor your project. Let that dry overnight.

#3 - Mix up the Envirotex epoxy according to package directions and pour it over your trays.
       Cover it and put it on a flat surface. Let that dry for 3 days. I put it in a dark corner of my basement. 
       The epoxy isn't hard to use but you can really screw things up if you don't follow the directions.
       I talk more about using the epoxy here.
       I like the epoxy because it gives it a smooth, glass-like, food safe finish.

#4 - After everything is dry find the center of your trays and begin to glue. Glue one layer at a time
       and then glue those layers together one at a time.... You wait for a lot of glue to dry with this project. 
       I glued the extra pie tin to the bottom of a pizza tray to give it some height. Then I glued a candle 
       stick to the other tray. Wait for that to dry overnight and then glue the other things together.
       This glue has to dry for another 2-3 days.

It holds together pretty well. It's strength was tested by an 8 year old even.
I told mr. B that I would pay him $2 for cleaning the fridge.
So he took everything out of it and he stacked almost all of our salad dressings on this tray
before I could rescue it. It didn't topple over or anything, but I think it bent the middle tier a little bit. 

Here are some close ups.

I can't wait to fill this with goodies for Thanksgiving!

Thanks - RM


Stylish Settings said...

What a clever idea. I haven't used epoxy but it would be good to try it. Have to see if I can get it here in Australia.
Kylie x

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

I've never used that epoxy...need to check that out. A three-tiered tray would be ideal in my kitchen, as all of my fruit bowls and produce take up SO much counter space...

If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

Been seeing these just like you... and I haven't taken the plunge. But yours came out great!
~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...


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