Monday, January 9, 2012

Fail: Pantry Door

This weekend I decided to shake my kitchen up even more
by painting my boring white pantry door.

Boy did I ever.

It is not good. I thought that the aqua of the door and the taupe of my cabinets
were different enough to compliment each other.

No, it really is not pleasing to the eye.
In the pictures, it doesn't look as bad as it really is.
It's bad.

I probably need to do something drastic now.

What do you think of a charcoal gray/black color.
With different trim around the sides and a fancy piece on the top painted charcoal too?
With a new knob and hinges?

Or maybe I should search for a vintage door that we can fit there instead....

Something has to happen, and soon.

I may loose sleep tonight obsessing over it.
If I do sleep I will probably have nightmares.

I have learned that aqua doors are not for every situation.


1 comment:

Milliscent Morgan said...

Wow such a nice and simple kind of pantry doors, I want to have like that in my kitchen. Keep on posting!


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