Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The "word" of 2012

The popular thing this year is coming up with a "word" that describes what you want to improve.

My word is "deliberate"

I kind of fly by the seat of my pants a lot, I need to be more calculated and purposeful.


1. Be a more deliberate friend.

I tend to let my own little world consume me and I don't always give my friends the attention they deserve. I really have some awesome friends, mom's and sisters (mil's and sil's included in that list) who I need to improve my relationships with. I can't forget my best friend. I need to be sure to give my man the best of me too!

2. Spiritual, do at least one thing a day to bring the "spirit" into my home/life.

I'm pretty good at family prayer, scripture and family night, but taking personal spiritual time is laking. Wether it's to read an article, scripture, book, watch a video, or listen to music, I would like to make an extra effort every day to deliberately improve my spiritual wellbeing.

3. Improve my talents.

Not just the talents that I like and come the most easy (*cough* crafting *cough*). But the ones I have to work a little harder at, music, exercise and gardening. Thoroughness and deliberation apply here.


1. Be a more deliberate mother.

I love my kids, have fun with them, and enjoy motherhood. But sometimes I am not "in the moment". I let other things distract me or try to hurry along family time in order to get to something else. Slow down, pause and stay in the moment, for these moments are fleeting.

2. Patience, patience patience.

Especially during the hardest times.
Homework. mr. B's brain is wired completely different from my own and it's hard to get him to understand where I'm coming from and for me to understand what he's getting at. Deep breaths Rachael. You can do this together.
Bedtime. By this time at night I am exhausted. My brain is tired from out-thinking four children, and my husband is usually gone at work. But once again, slow down, give each boy love and attention and a kiss goodnight. The days are fast approaching where I will be having to practically tackle them to get a kiss. Scripture, prayer and a 3 to 5 minute conversation with each of them goes a long way. I can't let my own exhaustion seep through. The dishes and blog will wait.


1. Eat healthier.

This will take deliberation, but I have a partner, mr. C (10 year old son) asked if I would pay him $100 if he would go with out eating sweets for a year (he got the idea from a friend whose family did this). I thought it was great idea and said I would do it with him. My husband has yet to decide if my efforts will warrant $100 also. He said "If you ever want $100, you just take it." This is true. I need better motivation, like smaller jeans or something.
We are abstaining from sweets and treats, and most sugar. If there is a small amount in my breakfast oatmeal or something we wont stress, but no cookies, sweets, ice cream, chocolate (gah!) etc. The exception is on family birthdays and holidays we can indulge. (I have already bought a decadent little chocolate morsel that I plan on enjoying on my husbands birthday next week.) So far it's going very well. He and I are a great team.


1. Budget.

Cash envelopes. Stick to it Rachael!

2. Finish projects you start.

This goes for myself and Mr. HON too. Deliberately plan, set goals and happily finish what you start.

Look at how much fun we will have!

2012 will be a great year.



Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

So ....can we share that word??? I need to "deliberately" add that word to my vocabulary this year, too!

Enjoyed browsing over your great blog! Very interesting, I might add! Thanks for visiting mine and for the sweet comment left! Now following you and adding you to my blog roster. ---Lord willing, I'll be back! :)

Bella Michelle said...

Popping over from The Lettered Cottage to say hi and tell you I can so relate to your word, since my word is Intentional (which pretty much includes deliberate!)

I hope you have the BEST year in 2012...deliberately!


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