Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids Craft: Fall leaf stained glass

Here is a quick project to do with the kiddo's to get your Monday going.

It is perfect for the autumn chill I feel in the air today.

Fall leaf stained glass.

First you need to take the kids on a little walk and collect colored leaves.

Then follow these steps.

The frame is just strips of construction paper stapled around the edges.

The wax paper won't be clear after ironing.
It will stick together, but it will be kind of blotchy and uneven.

Like this.
This kids dimples just kill me.
The cuteness factor in this picture is overwhelming.

Back to the blotchy.
The wax paper will be blotchy and not very nice looking until you tape it to a window.
 And when the sun shines through it looks great.

Hope you have a lovely autumn leaf-gathering walk!



Anonymous said...

Can you just laminate the leaves?,??????? :0

Rachael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachael said...

Sure you can laminate them if you want. But I don't have a laminator so this is what I do instead ;-)

Unknown said...

How do you think this would work with contact paper?

Ida said...

var finns vaxpapper?


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