Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumpkins and other things

We grew pumpkins in our garden this year.
I do say it was quite successful.

Last year we had a HUGE pumpkin plant, but it only grew one enormous pumpkin.
I thought it would be more wise to plant regular sized pumpkins this year to avoid fighting.
These are the perfect size for carving too.

One big pumpkin vs. nine smaller pumpkins.
We definitely got more out of our watering bill planting the smaller sized pumpkins.
We have nine pumpkins, and two very excited little boys and two sort-of excited bigger boys.
Such is life.

Our girls are also in production.
Making more eggs then we can eat... almost.
I think it's interesting that the eggs are all so different.
Some are light with no spots, some are dark with no spots.
Some are light with spots and some are dark with spots.

But they are all yummy.

If you've missed out on getting to know our girls I talk about them here.

I could type a long whimsical post about how much I love autumn time,
but instead I will leave you with a John Denver song and just say that this time of year
makes me feel like I am coming home.


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