Monday, October 1, 2012

So I came home....

So I came home today to this.
I guess the hubs had some energy to get out.

I am excited, this means that the wood flooring that has been sitting in our garage
for 9 months will be put to good use....

The only problem is I just went grocery shopping today and I always "nest" in the fall.
Meaning I feel like cooking and cleaning etc.
All of our meals planned for this week are kind of "involved" cooking-wise.
I need my kitchen.

I guess I will haul all the groceries in my car's trunk down to the deep-freezer
and maybe go back to the store for pb&j supplies, microwaveable food and paper plates.

One last problem, I have been home 30 minutes and the hubs is no where to be found.
I just hope he turns up soon... with the wheelbarrow and shovel maybe.

(On a side note, did you know that "wheelbarrel" is incorrect?
It is in fact spelled "wheelbarrow." The things I learn whilst blogging.)

So now I'm wondering what to cook for dinner since I will not be cooking lasagna tonight!

P.S. I am also posting this as irrefutable proof, that I am not the only
one in this house who is impulsive. Haha I have PROOF! It's not just me.


So I left again and I came home to this
My fantastic boys have picked up all the tile and hauled it out to the trailer
so we can take it to the dump.
And now they are prying the screws out of the sub-floor. 

My kids are amazing.

Just amazing.

I think we will just go out to dinner instead, they deserve it.


Jillian McKenzie said...

lol! Doesn't emphasize just how much I'm actually laughing out loud. I love this. Way to go Hubs!

Cindy Ritchie said...

That's fantastic! I can't wait to see your new floor. 9 months LOL!

MuseBootsi said...

I also nest in the fall...and it was 106 today. Yay for new floors!


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