Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vineyard Cherry

Operation "New Floor" is in full swing.

How this came to be is here.

It is gorgeous.

We are even using our kitchen, except for eating in.
Our kitchen table currently resides in our living room.

Information on the flooring we are using is here.
And my not so good opinion of carpet is here.
But there is still a ways to go.

Right now our front room is a disaster area.
I think my hubs is procrastinating moving the piano,
can't blame him that thing is HEAVY.

Not to mention all the dusting I will have to do when this is over.



RRWhicker said...

Wow looking great! I would love to replace my carpets. Maybe next year. Do you hire out to install floors? ;)

Rachael said...

Nope we are DIY'ers to the core. My man has some mad carpentry skills and so he takes care of most of it, but I am developing some decent carpentry skills in myself as well.


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