Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reasons why I love boys

This is a bit of a photo journal about my boys.

A lot of these photos are some of my favorites.

My boys were really darling when they were little.
And while I can't call my big boys "darling" anymore they are truly amazing.

So here are some reasons in particular why I love boys.

First of all little boys are just so cute.

I think the cuteness is a survival mechanism
Because when they pour maple syrup all over your kitchen floor and you feel like throwing them out the window you can't, because they are so stinkin cute.

Seriously, how could I ever throw one of them out the window?
I would have to stop and kiss those cheeks first, and then my anger would just be gone.

I love boys because the world is their playground.

If they can climb something they will.

If they can get wet they will.

If they can hang from something they will.

If they can push limits in any way, they will.

Their natural curiosity is a gift.

Even when it gets kind of dangerous, they are not afraid.
For example: Just because you've run out of "big" fireworks doesn't mean that you can't make more out of cardboard, sparklers and bottle rockets.

I love boys because they can have fun doing almost anything.
They are great at entertaining themselves.

Sometimes it's really hard to get good pictures of your boys.
At the time you are really frustrated because all you want is ONE nice picture.
ONE PICTURE! Is that really too much to ask?
And then years later you realize these "not so nice" pictures are even more precious then the "nice" ones.

I love boys because if there is a tree they will climb it...
Even if they are wearing their church clothes.

Boys are amazing because they have such great capacity to love.

They can love everyone and everything.

Boys are great because they notice beauty in simple things.

Rocks, leaves, dandelions, trees and sunsets.

Even things other don't find particularly beautiful.

Boys are great because they are strong.

They can make silly faces and they aren't afraid to have their picture taken while making these faces.

I love this one... at least he has no boogers.
He probably picked them all.

This one is great too.

I love boys because they can work so hard.
And sometimes they even like working hard.

I love boys because even when they are in their 30's they still haven't really grown up all the way.

I love boys because when they get mad...
They wrestle, they punch, and then they are best friends again.
We have very little grudge holding and "He hurt my feelings!"
I know that hitting is not the ideal way of making amends, but it seems to be unavoidable.
My boys are best friends and worst enemies. And that status will vary hour-to-hour, but the "worst enemies" phases never last very long.

Also while we are on the subject of fighting.

I love boys because they help you develop a great sense of humor.
You can either get upset and worried about a situation,
or you can laugh about it and take a picture.
This was after 3 days at Disneyland.

 Boys can show their excitement so well.

And they love their mommies.
That's how you can tell if you have a good man.
You have a good man if he loves his mother.

Now don't get me wrong with my "Ode to Boys" posts. I love girls too. For many years I couldn't walk past the little girls section at the store without tears pricking my eyes I wanted a girl so badly.

But I have boys and they are so incredible to me.

And the reason I have boys is because of this man right here.

I have boys because if they grow up to be anything like their father the world will be a better place.

And the world could use a few more good men.
So I am grateful for my boys.

This is my one week late Thanksgiving post, but it's late because I have been with my boys.

So for those of you that have boys and those of you that don't,

Let's hear it for the boys!



Jillian McKenzie said...

Great post Rach. Boys are glorious things. I was partial to girls for awhile (still am sometimes) but boys have a way of doing things that girls would never do. That is, they may do the same things sometimes, but girls don't do it in the way that a boy would, and it's fascinating to me to see these differences. I love it.

Jill said...

What a fun post! I had three girls followed by a boy. Wow - was he a different species than the girls! So much fun though.

Kristin said...

Stumbled across your blog from Knock off Decor, and found this post. Made me teary! It is so true - I'm the mom of four boys and (gasp!) another little guy on the way. As much as I thought I wanted a girl, I wouldn't want my life any other way. Thanks for sharing!


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