Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fourteen Years

So today it has been fourteen years.

It's a lot colder today then it was the day we tied-the-knot.
December 30, 1998 was a comfortable 55 degrees, today it's an expected high of 30 with snow.
So glad I got married 14 years ago because today would not be an ideal day for a wedding.

We were just kids, he was 21 and I was 19.
But I think it might have been good that we were so young.
We've had to grow up together, there was no time to get set in our ways.

We didn't have a lot going for us. Neither of us had real jobs and we were both in school.
But we were dang good-looking, and so in love.

And we still are.

Even with a few wrinkles, gray hairs and added pounds.

We are still very much in love.
I even have a crappy iphone picture to prove it.

Love you babe, now more then ever.

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