Friday, February 8, 2013

Drawing Until I go Crazy

So you may or may not be aware but I am going back to school full time.
That is where I have been lately.

16 credit hours this term YIKES!

So I have been absent from blog land, but I wanted to take a minute to check in and tell you how life is.

My major is graphic design which is great because I have to take about 5000 art classes and only 1 math class. I don't like math, I would rather draw.

I go to school Mon - Fri and I draw or design for 6+ hours everyday. Much of the drawing is practice and not very exciting, but learning technique is important so it's all good.

On FB a few weeks ago I complained to my friends that my wardrobe is monochromatic and boring because all I wear are variations of yoga pants, running shoes and t-shirts. Sitting on a drawing horse for 3 hours is not comfortable. I also get dirty, art is not clean. Paint, graphite and ink all factor into my days. So appearances aside I strive for comfort and economy in my clothing choices. I had one friend remind me that many women wish they could wear yoga pants every day but have to wear stilettos instead, so now I am grateful for my yoga pants and I will enjoy the comfort while I can.

I drew a lot in high school. In my senior year my classes were english, aerobics or auto-mechanics, sewing and art, art, art, art, art. So drawing this much used to be a regular thing for me and getting back into it is going pretty well.

I haven't drawn a whole lot since high school, my creative and artistic skills have been put to use raising kids and doing crafty things to keep me happy. But it's back to magnifying my talents in other areas and I must say that all in all things are going well.

I thought I'd show you a few things I've done lately and I will try to update my blog periodically, but craftiness will probably not be a key feature for a little while. Maybe I can give you a few crock-pot recipes because that is what we've been eating a lot of lately.

This is the first real sketch I did after a 13 year break.

 I think it turned out alright, the porportions could use a little work, but I am my worst critic.

I drew this orange today. I call it "The Orange of Insanity" because I had to draw it in two point perspective and that was a pain. I'm leaving the perspective lines on the drawing because I want to remember how I did it.

Anyway, thanks for sticking through that with me ;-)

I miss all of you!


Leeann said...

Yeah.. YIKES is right, 16 credits? How do you do it? I'm taking 12, but it's 21 weeks a semester and I take one class at a time for 7 weeks each. I don't know how I would juggle more than that. Ironically, it's a drawing class (well it's 101) and I'm about to embark on my final. It's amazing how far I've come IMHO, I could barely draw a stick figure before my first class :)

Your drawings are fabulous! Good luck in school!

Jillian McKenzie said...

Great post Rach! I'm glad to see what you are up to and that you're back to drawing again, keep up the good work.


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