Friday, July 5, 2013

Recipe Book Chapter 1

I have had a few requests for recipes.
This is handy because for school I had to create a book and I chose to make a recipe book.
I will give you a chapter at a time, these are all tried and true recipes that my family loves.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Please ignore type-o's, I tried to check and re-check my work, but the class I made this for was a design class, not a writing class. I was graded about how well I knew the program, not my writing/spelling skills. Also, I never took a picture of the shepherds pie that I made. I was gone that evening, my hubs had instructions to take a picture, but he forgot and I didn't have time to make it again.

Maybe at the end of all the chapters I will do an e-publised copy of the book.
I'll wait to see how ya'll like it.


Jillian McKenzie said...

This looks great! I'm excited to see the next chapters. And I LOVE the quote by Tolkien-awesome.

Caroline said...

I never heard the tip for using evaporated milk for cream! I can't wait to try it. Your book looks great! I hope y'all enjoy the cream soup substitute. I can't tell Joshua when I use it because he hates beans. But we still eat them at least three times a week. Poor Joshua ;)


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