Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mason Jar with a Straw! - DIY

Oh look a project!
I haven't forgotten about those of us who need our daily dose of craftiness ;-)

Sometimes I can resurface from my piles of homework and laundry to do something fun.

Drill a hole in your jar lids.
I just guessed I did not center, but I should have marked the center.
If you want your hole on center then mark it. No matter how good you think you are at centering you will probably be off. I speak from experience.

Find a washer that fits around your straw.
 My hubs has a ton of washers, but it was surprisingly hard to find one that was just the right size.
And lucky for me these washers happen to be stainless steel.
I found a package of these reusable straws... somewhere.
I can't remember. But if all else fails, you can always find them on amazon!

Very carefully with a toothpick glue around the edge of your washer.
I used some food grade silicone.

Place the washer over the ragged hole made by your drill.
Let it dry for a few hours.
Wash these lids by hand! Don't put them in the dishwasher.

Enjoy your awesome mason jar sippers by making some flavored water.
I love putting cucumber, lemon and a sprig of mint in mine.


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Anonymous said...

Hi racheal i wa wondering if you you could post a few of your favorite dinner recipes? Thx :)


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