Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is my Life: Pumpkin time

Funny conversation I just listened in on:

T examining his new toy spider - "Why is dis filled wif little balls?"
CM - "Maybe it's a boy spider."
T - "Daaaaad, all spiders are boy spiders."

Silly boys.

Back to my post.

We took the kiddo's to get pumpkins the other night... and I forgot my camera.

Sorry for the crappy ipod pics. 

And the bad exposure. But we got our pumpkins and everyone had fun.

I sure love these crazy boys.

We also have two really big pumpkins we grew in our garden.

On to the carving! My favorite part. I have a great idea involving a drill and some christmas lights.

Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by - 


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