Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Flooring. Yay!

The new flooring in our kitchen and front room is done!
We still have to install trim and do some touch up painting but we will get to that... I hope.

I talk more about how this all happened here and here.

Just a recap, this was our floor before.
This was very cheaply made tile that was also cheaply installed.
It was dirty and cracking (because of the poor installation) and just plain ugly.

Another before and after.
My kitchen feels so warm and cozy now. 

The tile and carpet was also removed from the front room.
Our front door is there on the right, I took a picture of it but I don't know what happened to the picture, it vanished into the void.

The thing I didn't expect is that this wood flooring makes our house feel much bigger.
And cleaner too.

If you want to know more about the kind of floor we used I talk about it HERE.
The floor was installed mainly by my husband and my 9 year old son.
I did help a little but I can't take too much credit because my help was only worth about 20 minutes of time.

Here is the dining area.
I have a feeling a new dining table is on the horizon ;-)
But my husband knew that I have been a-hankerin' for a new kitchen table anyway.
I have a plan in mind that I found at AnaWhite I just need to convince my man to build it for me.
He want's to build it, he just doesn't realize it yet.

Here are some reasons why a new table will be forthcoming.
And a rug. This room needs a rug.
I should also mention all the paint splatters and goudges on the top of the table.
Perhaps I haven't been as careful at protecting it from my craft endeavors as I should have been.
Additionally, this table and 6 chairs cost me a whoppin $100 at a yard sale and we've had it for 4 years now so I think it's time for a new one.

And because I love keepin it real here is a picture of some the stuff I had to move out of the way to get these lovely de-cluttered pictures for you.



Jillian McKenzie said...

Love it! It looks amazing.

CC said...

How is it holding up in the kitchen? Looks great!

Arthur Bryant said...

You have made such an awesome improvement. I am not really a fan of tiled floors so I could just be biased. Then again, I really think that the wooden floor adds more charm to your kitchen. You're right when you say it looks cozier and warm.  

Arthur Bryant @


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